Saturday, July 28, 2007

Stuck at home

I won't be going for the National Dog Walk afterall. Sigh....

S says that she's busy as she's got some functions to attend on that day. This means that I'll be staying at home. No more walk. No more meeting friends. No more spending the day with S.

That's not the worst. I also would not be able to attend the next dog show. As usual, S is busy. This time she's got to go to school for intensive lectures. I like going for shows because S always buys me lots of treats, although I find it quite boring to watch dogs prancing around in the ring (S seems to enjoy it very much).

So, I'll be one bored Sheltie. Unless...

Anyone want's to bring me to the dog walk?????? I don't mind. S won't mind (she won't even know). Then I won't be so alone while all my friends have fun.


Kerrio said...

I'd take you for a dogs walk, but it may just be a little bit TOO far!

nogs from the dogs

Kerrio & co

Ume said...

:( wouldnt it be great if we can meet in dogson at the NDW?
hopefully someone can bring u there... paws crossed!

Chuckles said...

Kerrio & co -> Haha. It would definately be too far, and I don't think my small legs can keep up with you big guys. :D

Ume -> Yeah, I'd love to meet you! Hopefully S can cancel her appointment and take me to the walk instead.