Saturday, September 22, 2007

S: Sadly, Chuckles passed away this morning at 9.25am. He had collapsed and the vets could not revive him. Even as the cancer was untreatable, I wish that I could has time to really say goodbye.

It was all too sudden. I feel very empty now without him. I wish that I could have been with him during his last hour so that he wouldn't have felt so alone. I hope he didn't think that we abandoned him.

I wish that there was more I could do to save him. He was my very best friend. I could talk to him and I loved going for long walks with him and we would sit down and look at the sky. I miss the tapping of his feet whenever he walks around. I miss him jumping up, wagging his tail and whinning whenever I return home. I miss him barking at strangers who walk past. I miss him nudging me for attention. I miss him coming in between me and the cats whenever I pat them.

I've had him for 8years and now I don't know what to do without him. The first thing I do whenever I come home was to pat Chuckles and sit beside him. Now, what do I do? Whenever I'm stressed out with school or upset, he used to be my comfort. I really have no idea how to live without him. I miss him so much and I wish that he didn't have to go so fast...

Friday, September 21, 2007

Thanks guys for the well wishes!!! It is much appreciated! :D

I went to the vet's this morning for an abdomenal ultrasound and it showed that there was some sort of lump in my intestines which could be a tumour. I've also got a very low platelet count.

The next 72 hours will be very crucial for me. I'm on some medication to try to increase the number of platelets. If my bone marrow is affected then well, I won't be able to get better. I really hope it is not affected.

I'll have to stay in the clinic for the next three days but my humans will be visiting me tomorrow. Yay! :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Please pray for me...

Hi everyone. Sorry for the lack of updates...

Thank you all for your well wishes regarding my tummy.

However, I'm quite sick now.

My skin problem made me feel so ichy so I kept chewing my leg. As a result, I couldn't walk properly so S brought me to the vet. I think the vet clinic my new hangout. I'm always going there. Haha.

The nice doctor gave me an injection for my joints and some medication. I went home happily.

A few hours later my foot swelled up to twice its size and I couldn't walk. S had to carry me to the grass to relieve myself.

I went to the vet again and she had to clean my wound. She was so suprised that I could chew my foot to such an extent because the puncture wound was so deep. Then she had to make the wound bigger so that it would be easier for S to clean it. Then she took a blood test.

The results are not good. My pancreas and liver are abnormal and so are my kidneys (which could be due to dehydration). My blood count is also very low. She suspects that I may have Leukemia but I'll have to go to another vet for more tests first. I haven't eaten in three days and I'm in pain.....

Please pray for me.

S says that she knows what Herbie's M is going through and it is very tough.

I really hope that Herbie will get better and so will I. Then maybe both of us can meet up and play.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

No more yoghurt please

For the past two days, my tummy has not been feeling well. I've been having diarrhoea. I even pooped on my bed and the floor and stinking up the entire house.

S has been starving me, feeding me only chicken broth, cheese and plain, non fat yoghurt. I feel better now. But, I have not pooped for 24 hours already. I'm still my usual self though.

I'm sick of yoghurt now. Yoghurt is a sometimes food to me. I don't mind the taste. In fact, I used to really like it when S first gave it to me. Now, when she calls me to give me my meals, I just stare at her as I don't want anymore yoghurt! I refused to eat it today, and the mean ole human stuffed a spoonful of it into my mouth! Hmph!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm a guard dog

In the day, inbetween my naps, I guard the house and watch out for intruders.
I sit by the side of the door, out of the view of the strangers outside and spy on them.

No one can see me. HeeHee.

Strangers beware! Grrr...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Stuck at home

I won't be going for the National Dog Walk afterall. Sigh....

S says that she's busy as she's got some functions to attend on that day. This means that I'll be staying at home. No more walk. No more meeting friends. No more spending the day with S.

That's not the worst. I also would not be able to attend the next dog show. As usual, S is busy. This time she's got to go to school for intensive lectures. I like going for shows because S always buys me lots of treats, although I find it quite boring to watch dogs prancing around in the ring (S seems to enjoy it very much).

So, I'll be one bored Sheltie. Unless...

Anyone want's to bring me to the dog walk?????? I don't mind. S won't mind (she won't even know). Then I won't be so alone while all my friends have fun.

Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm not a girly girl!

I usually get mistaken for a female. I'm a manly man, not a girly girl.

The latest comment I got was when a nice little girl told her little brother that I just had puppies. I could hear S giggling. Hmpphhh.

Because of this, S got me a new collar. A spiked collar.

The spikes are big enough to show that I'm no girl but they aren't that big because I don't want anyone to be afraid of me. I'm a nice doggie. :D

I hope it works. :)