Saturday, June 30, 2007


Today, S decided to make me woofles. She's been wanting to bake for me for some time now and now she finally has.

She got the recepie from Kingsley's blog

This recepie was one of the very few recepies that had pictures, so S could see if she was on the right track. It was also the only recepie which had ingredients that could be found at home. Haha. As you can see, S is very lazy to go shopping for ingredients. Thanks Kingsley for this great recepie. A big Sheltie hug to you!

These were the ingredients

These were the woofles before they were baked

S forgot to take pictures of the mixing

Yay! The woofles are done!

Are they all for me?


Unfortunatly, the humans thought that the woofles smelt so good that they ate some of it! Grrr...

7 random things about me

I've been tagged by Tasha & Eva to write about 7 things about me. Hmm...Let's see...

1. I'm actually a picky eater. Even as my size makes me seem like a very greedy dog, I only eat certain foods. I only eat vegetables that have a meaty taste, with no supplements added. I also don't like the skin of apples and would spit out the skin and eat the rest.

2. I don't like water. I would always try to hide whenever S brings out my towel. That includes sea water too. I've been thrown into the sea many times or burried in the sand. Sigh. I certainly do not enjoy the beach.

3. I love sneaking into the kitchen at night to raid the rubbish bins and eat the cat food. Although I've been caught a number of times, it never stops me from trying again.

4. I don't like kids. I've been bullied by little human puppies before and I know it's best that I stay away from them.

5. I can't run or at least not anymore. I've got arthirtis and it hurts when I run, despite the pain killers.

6. I've been mistaken for a Husky or a female many many times. I've also been called a pregnant female before! *faints*

7. I love sleeping on the hard, cold floor. S has spent lots of money buying me nice beds but nothing beats good ol tiles.

Well, I don't think I'll be tagging anyone. Maybe next time. :)

Friday, June 29, 2007

My background

Let me tell you more about myself, as in my background...

I'm a secondhand dog. 8 years ago, my S really wanted a dog. Finally, with the approval of S's parents, she began the search for a canine companion.
Before me, S came across a number of dogs, but didn't get any of them. She was actually about to adopt a beagle, when its owner had a change of heart and decided to keep it.
Soon after, S stumbled upon me on the net. My first owner got me from Perth. But, after a year of having me, she gave me up because I'm a VERY jealous dog. You see, my first owner had 2 Dobermans in her new house, and I couldn't get along with them. I just had to have her all to myself. So, she had to decide between me and the Dobermans. You know what she chose....

I'm happy where I am. I get loads of attention and love. 8 glorious years have gone by and I'm a lucky dog.

Now, a bit about S. She's a full time student studying in a private uni. Because of her very light schedule, she spends lots and lots of time with me. This is good and I'm always disturbing her with nudges for attention whenever she is studying. Haha. :)

Hello everyone!

Hi, welcome to my blog. Let me introduce myself. I'm Chuckles, a 9 year old Shetland Sheepdog living in sunny Singapore.

I live with my slave Sheila, and her family. I shall refer to her as S, as it's easier to type. Lack of opposable thumbs! Anyway, I also share my house with 3 cats and a parrot. I'll introduce them to you as time goes by.

This is me currently. Yes, as you can see, I'm bald at the moment. :(

This is me if I had my nice coat.

The reason why my coat is missing is that I currently have a bad skin condition. I've got lots of bald patches on me, and I itch. I don't really mind as the neighbourhood babes still love me. It's my S. She's been cracking her head trying to find out what's wrong with me.
I'm glad she changed my diet to HCF. I look forward to meals everyday. But it also means no tablescraps and more pills! :(
Seeing how miserable I am without any scraps, S's mom would always sneak me a morsel. kekeke.

Well, that's it for my first post. I look forward to meeting friends! I'm friendly and love all other dogs, well, most other dogs! :)