Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm a guard dog

In the day, inbetween my naps, I guard the house and watch out for intruders.
I sit by the side of the door, out of the view of the strangers outside and spy on them.

No one can see me. HeeHee.

Strangers beware! Grrr...


chester.hi-flyer said...

you don't look fierce at all chuckles! u look too cute to be a guard dog....hee hee hee!!!

awww...ur gonna miss the national dog walk?? :(

Kerrio said...

Well I was quaking in my Boots!


Ume said...

keke... gd strategy!

Chuckles said...

Hi Chester, Kerrio and Ume!

Too cute eh? No wonder the neighbour kids were just staring at me.

I sure does work on unsuspecting victims though. Heeheee.