Saturday, August 11, 2007

No more yoghurt please

For the past two days, my tummy has not been feeling well. I've been having diarrhoea. I even pooped on my bed and the floor and stinking up the entire house.

S has been starving me, feeding me only chicken broth, cheese and plain, non fat yoghurt. I feel better now. But, I have not pooped for 24 hours already. I'm still my usual self though.

I'm sick of yoghurt now. Yoghurt is a sometimes food to me. I don't mind the taste. In fact, I used to really like it when S first gave it to me. Now, when she calls me to give me my meals, I just stare at her as I don't want anymore yoghurt! I refused to eat it today, and the mean ole human stuffed a spoonful of it into my mouth! Hmph!