Friday, June 29, 2007

My background

Let me tell you more about myself, as in my background...

I'm a secondhand dog. 8 years ago, my S really wanted a dog. Finally, with the approval of S's parents, she began the search for a canine companion.
Before me, S came across a number of dogs, but didn't get any of them. She was actually about to adopt a beagle, when its owner had a change of heart and decided to keep it.
Soon after, S stumbled upon me on the net. My first owner got me from Perth. But, after a year of having me, she gave me up because I'm a VERY jealous dog. You see, my first owner had 2 Dobermans in her new house, and I couldn't get along with them. I just had to have her all to myself. So, she had to decide between me and the Dobermans. You know what she chose....

I'm happy where I am. I get loads of attention and love. 8 glorious years have gone by and I'm a lucky dog.

Now, a bit about S. She's a full time student studying in a private uni. Because of her very light schedule, she spends lots and lots of time with me. This is good and I'm always disturbing her with nudges for attention whenever she is studying. Haha. :)


Tasha & Eva said...

Hi Chuckles. very nice to meet you. We found you on the Dogs With Blogs index and thought we would come say "HI". Too bad that you had to have all of your beautiful fur shaved off. It will grow back before you know it! We are tagging you to tell seven random things about yourself. See our blog to see what we mean. We look forward to reading about your dogventures int Singapore! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva

Amber-Mae said...

Hey there Chuckles! Nice to meet ya! I'm Amber-Mae, the only dancing Golden Retriever in Malaysia. I like the story you & the Dobermanns. I'm glad your mommy chose you... She must really love you a LOT! Looking forward to more posts & pictures of you Chuckles! Come & visit my blog & also meet my other two unrelated sistas, Faith & Chloe. See ya & have a great weekend!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Chuckles said...

Hi Tasha, Eva and Amber-Mae! It's really nice to meet you babes too!

You gals have got nice blogs!

Check back often for more updates.

Big paw huggies,
Chuckles, the itchy Sheltie